Longmoor Security

Longmoor Security uses some of the Home Office trained operators to undertake covert surveillance for a variety of reasons including dishonesty and other personal circumstances. All of our surveillance staff conducted their duties in accordance with UK Legislation.

Longmoor Security offers clients a covert surveillance package that utilises UK Home Office and UK Armed Forces personnel who have a wealth of experience in human surveillance using foot and mobile teams and technical surveillance using electronic devices.

Our surveillance specialists are able to carry out searches of your premises, both commercial and residential, for hidden electronic bugging devices.

Our surveillance personnel are handpicked for each task, ensuring that they fit in with the operating environment and meet with the clients’ needs. Both our male and female personnel are trained to the highest standard in Counter Surveillance and have advised Longmoor Security's clients that they may be a victim of a physical or electronic surveillance threat.

If you require an in-depth case file to be gathered for fraudulent claimants, matrimonial or corporate proceedings, then let Longmoor Security provide you with a comprehensive surveillance or counter surveillance solution tailored to individual needs. Our specialists have successfully supported some of the world’s largest organisations during times of heightened threat or hostile takeover.

We are able to deploy a surveillance team anywhere in the world within 24 hours (visas and flights permitting) and within 12 hours within the UK.
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Preferred Supplier to the Career Transition Partnership. The Ministry Of Defence Working With Right Management. / Approved by MoD in Support of the ELC Scheme. ELC Provider Number 3217.
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