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Security Risk Analysis

Security Risk Analysis (Risk Assessments) and Penetration Testing is fundamental to the security of your organisation. It is essential in ensuring that controls and expenditure are fully appropriate to the risks to which you are exposed.

In response to the increased tempo of global terrorist operations Longmoor Security has developed a specialist department that assess an organisation's security profile and threat vulnerabilities from terrorism or sabotage.

Longmoor Security employs its team of highly trained ex-military planners and analysts to assess the weakness of a clients' security strategy, operational plans and existing protective security measures; devising tactics to breach and defeat them, in the same way that a terrorist might. This service is delivered by conducting a comprehensive Security Risk Analysis and security penetration or planning test exercise. After which the client is advised on issues that may affect their organisation's business continuity or incident management plan.

Longmoor hand-picks its staff from the highly regarded UK Special Forces and Military Intelligence Units, all of whom have expert knowledge and experience in breaching security systems, often in hostile environments. No other organisation can offer its clients this level of bespoke and expert insight into the effectiveness of their security profile.

Longmoor Security has the capabilities from its Policing background to conduct Residential Security Surveys of private residences and from its links with the Special Forces we are able to conduct Security Analysis of corporate installations and buildings.

For more information please contact Longmoor Security on +44 (0)1295 756 380

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