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Aviation Protection
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Aviation Protection

The huge growth in air travel has made every Airport a potential terror target and it is now a key area where intense security is an absolute requirement.

The Aviation industry is therefore no longer considered a safe, non-political global transportation system moving goods and people safely from one place to another but rather a potential liability that exposes all nations to the threat of terrorist attack.

Terrorism of course is not the only threat facing Airports and the international aspect of flight means that air travel is often used for criminal activity such as drug and contraband trafficking.

Airports and the Aviation industry require specialised security solutions and in an age of elevated threat the identification of suspicious activity amongst passengers and staff in and surrounding Airports is imperative.

Longmoor Security Private Charter Service offers an enhanced, personalised Chartering Service to meet your individual companies needs

The benefits of chartering a private aircraft

When chartering a private aircraft, every aspect of the charter can be tailored to suit all your requirements:

Your schedule – with full flexibility, the charter is scheduled and designed to work completely around you; from the use of the most convenient airports to the time of departure. With access to private terminals you can arrive and board the aircraft just minutes before take-off, resulting in fast transit and time efficient travel.

Privacy – with complete confidentiality and anonymity, chartering your own aircraft gives you the privacy to conduct important business meetings whilst on-board.

Security – Tailor-made security measures involve close and personal protection services, including armoured vehicle transportation between destinations. Complete discretion is ensured on all private aircraft charters.

Luxury – Maximum on-board comfort is ensured with the aircrafts’ elegant and highly luxurious interiors, resulting in stress free travel. In addition, 1st class cuisine and fine wine can be arranged on all chartered flights.

Wide-range of Aircraft - With access to thousands of aircraft worldwide, we’ll be able to source the most suitable aircraft for your needs. Chartering also gives the added advantage of a flexible baggage allowance.

Heightened Access – Private aircraft charters give you the ability to gain access to remote and hard to reach locations, along with providing a solution for a complex journey involving multiple destinations.

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